Buy Fire OG Kush (Hybrid)

Buy Fire OG Kush (Hybrid)


Buy Girl Scout Cookies weed strain on Hello Ganja online Stores today! Fire OG is an indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain that first sedates the mind and body then gradually takes over with a euphoric, relaxing high. Flavors and aromas range from earthy to sweet. The OG Kush heredity shines through in Fire OG with its mellow balance and happy, tingly high. Fire OG kush strain is often recommended for chronic pain, insomnia, stress. Fire OG marijuana strain induces very strong cerebral euphoria and deep body relaxation with strong pain control. Uplifts mood, boost energy, relieves stress.


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Buy Fire OG Kush (Hybrid) Online, Fire OG, which additionally goes by the name Fire Kush, is an Indica-predominant crossbreed depicted by a larger number of people as one of the most powerful OG strains out there. It emanates a natural lemon zing smell and tastes comparable, with hints of diesel in the blend.

The mix of parent strains OG Kush and SFV OG goes with Fire OG a top decision for those searching for an intense Indica to assist with facilitating torment, discouragement, and rest problems, as per commentators. Many have noticed its high is colossally unwinding, frequently instigating tiredness, joined by a euphoric psyche and body buzz. A few commentators guarantee to have encountered expanded cerebral action, enhancing their inventiveness.

Its THC level midpoints at 15%, however, a few harvests have tried as high as 25%, so as usual, be mindful so as to check when you buy and pick the sum you consume as needs be. The predominant terpenes in Fire OG are Alpha Pinene and Alpha Humulene.


Most clients feel moment cerebral excitement both kicking off inventive energies and making rushes of rapture. With this comes an extremely intense and loosening up body high that frequently puts those with lower resistances on the lounge chair or to bed.

Contingent upon a client’s resistance the impacts of this strain can endure as long as three hours. Cottonmouth and dry eyes can likewise be an incidental effect that shows up with consuming Fire OG Kush. A few clients may likewise encounter suspicion, wooziness, or tension.

Buy Fire OG Kush, body high might make managing even the most extreme persistent throbbing painfulness decent as in endorsed vigorously thus. The cerebral impacts can assist with battling the side effects of pressure, nervousness, and gloom, and for other people, it even quiets queasiness and helps battle different dietary problems.

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