Cinderella 99 (Hybrid)

Cinderella 99 (Hybrid)


Buy Cinderella 99 weed strain on Hello Ganja online Stores today! Cinderella 99 marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid. This pot is a delicious mood picker upper, as she boosts energy for the whole day. Cinderella 99 marijuana is highly potent and delivers a strong punch. She is not recommended for first time users. In large doses, Cinderella 99 strain can cause paranoia or short term passing out. She’s best known for her potent cerebral high, sweet fruity flavors, and epic yields and good for day and evening time use.
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Buy Cinderella 99 Kush (Hybrid) otherwise called “C99,” “Cindy,” and “Cindy 99,” is a Sativa-prevailing mixture pot strain reproduced by Mr. Soul of Siblings Grimm. Cinderella 99 is most popular for her strong cerebral high, sweet fruity flavors, and awe-inspiring yields. Cinderella 99 is extremely famous with indoor producers as a result of its short, shaggy height, significant returns, short blossoming time, and high THC content.  Clinical marijuana patients utilize the impacts of Cinderella 99 to alleviate side effects related to exhaustion and stress.

The sativa-prevailing half-breed Cinderella 99 is a powerful strain that scents of tropical citrus and tastes of sweet lemons with a hearty connotation. The THC content of Cinderella 99 midpoints at 18% for certain harvests finishing off at 22%.  Cinderella 99 develops best while developed utilizing aqua-farming – delivering as much as two pounds for every square meter as certain producers have expressed.

Flavor –

Similar to the smell, it appears Fog predominant, with bitter citrus notes as well as some fancy contacts. The flavor relies on aggregate, with the popular “detestable pineapple” pheno having a complex soil organic product flavor with botanical clues, and the “grapefruit” aggregate is like New York City Diesel in flavor profile, with a sharp and musky citrus flavor.


Buy Cinderella 99 Kush, is known for having a taking-off cerebral impact that can be extremely rushy for certain patients. It’s frequently a “scholar” strain, making the psyche race at 1,000,000 miles each hour and in any event, causing visual and hearable twists. Suggested most exceptionally for areas of strength for its belongings, cerebral pain help, hunger excitement, and energy. Not exactly suggested for those with tension issues or those looking for a tranquilizer or profound unwinding… this is a strain that can keep you conscious around evening time because of the increase in mental action.


Buyers ought to know that it can require as long as 15 minutes for its full impact to be felt once ingested. Individuals commonly feel an exceptionally light and fantastic body high with floods of elevating state of mind and happiness, joined by expanded degrees of energy and imagination. The impacts can endure as long as an hour and a half. Aftereffects incorporate dry mouth and eyes, suspicion, cerebral pains, and wooziness.

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