Chemdawg (Hybrid) Online

Chemdawg (Hybrid) Online


Buy Chemdawg weed strain on Hello Ganja online Stores today! Chemdawg cannabis strain is an Indica dominant hybrid also known as Chemdog. Chemdog is known for its distinct, diesel-like aroma. Pungent and sharp, you’ll be able to smell this hybrid from a mile away. It smells potent with hints of diesel, with a silver white appearance and sticky white trichomes upon wispy leaves.  Chemdawg has a wide medical applications due to the strength and is recommended for experienced users due to high potency. It can help with treating stress, pain, anxiety, depression, ADHD/ADD, arthritis and PMS. Due to its sedative nature, Chemdawg is best for evening usage.
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Buy Chemdawg (Hybrid) Online

Buy Chemdawg Kush (Hybrid) Online. This strain tastes really interesting, known for its sharpness. Chemdog is a strain with a little history and it is questionable where it came from. That’s what some say, it is a fortunate seed. Different stories are that it was intricate trade during a thankful dead show. any place it came from or whoever found it or what at any point happened we won’t ever be aware, thank you for making the world a superior spot. Chemdog has a novel gas/substance smell however the taste is nearly diesel-like, suggested for help in the wake of a difficult day of proactive tasks.

Chemdawg has grown a remarkable name for itself throughout the long term. Between its secretive beginning, vague hereditary qualities, and the plenty of effective crosses the strain has delivere, Chemdawg has essentially gotten itself a long-lasting spot in the marijuana corridor of notoriety. The first wellspring of stalwart strains like Acrid Diesel and OG Kush, Chemdawg is known for its unmistakable, diesel-like smell. Impactful and sharp, you’ll have the option to smell this strain far in advance.



Green Cross Caregivers

Plant Type



  • Cotton Mouth
  • Dry/Red Eyes


  • Hybrid

Chemdog Marijuana Effects

Buy Chemdawg Kush, hits you rapidly and improves your faculties. THC levels can estimate anyplace between 17%-25% relying upon the control and care of the buds during development, Chemdog is a social smoker that will prompt discussions. Chemdog is a decent partner in drawing out the craftsman inside or possibly causing you to feel like one for a brief period. This marijuana strain is perfect for following a lot of time proactive tasks and is know to assist with throbs and inconveniences.

How long does Chemdog last?

Chem Dawg is a strain that prefers a Mediterranean environment and does very well in a nursery too. It makes some blossoming memories of 65-70 days and will compensate you with a decent yield of exceptionally strong buds.

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