Cookies and Cream Chocolate (3000mg)

Cookies and Cream Chocolate (3000mg)


Ingesting Psilocybin Mushrooms has never tasted so good. The Mastermind 3000mg Cookies & Cream Bar provides an easy, consistent, reliable and tasty way to ingest your Magic Mushrooms. These bars contain 3000mg of our premium Psilocybe Cubensis blend and is distributed evenly in 15 x 200mg square. Whether you are looking to go on a magical journey, or microdose daily, the 3000mg Cookies & Cream Bar is a favorite amongst all!

First time user recommended dosage: Start with 1 doses (200mg). Allow 30-60 minutes for full effect before another dose is considered.

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Cookies Cream Chocolate (3000mg) the dynamic power couple worth trying. Divide into four squares, these psicolybin-infuse chocolates are convenient because of their easy dose nature. Ranging in both potency and flavor, these allow for flexible methods of micro dosing or plain enjoyment.
These chocolate bars are infuse with Golden Teacher mushrooms which are known for their reliable trip and are often the gateway shroom for newbies. They’re commonly use for gaining new insight about yourself and the universe due to their spiritual and shamanic effects.

This chocolate bar is easily broke into 4 x 750mg squares for a total of 3000mg per bar
Recommend dosage:
– Beginners: half to one square
– Psychonauts: one to three squares

Ingredients: sugar, coca butter, milk, soy lecithin, artificial flavor, Oreo cookie crumbs | Active Ingredients: psilocybin mushroom (Golden Teacher).

Architect’s Shroom mix capsules give an easy- to- consume shroom experience that’s one and done. All you do is consume one of their capsules by swallowing with water( or your favorite libation) and stay about an hour for goods. With these, you do n’t have to taste your magic mushrooms one bit.

Architect consummately crafts these capsules using gusto root excerpt pair with psilocybin to produce the most comfortable experience possible.

Together, you ’ll experience a comforting, affable trip without any solicitude of trouble. Architect suggests consuming their capsules after a light mess, every three to four days to witness ultimate results.


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